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Amulets Poster
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.6 hb.111)

Shipwreck Bold
Designer: Chank Diesel
Year: 2002
Publisher: Chank Company
Vendor: Chank Company

No individual font listing
Chank Fonts Catalog 23

U·No·Poo Poster
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.6 hb.116)

Frankfurter Inline LET
Designer: Alan Meeks
Year: 1978
Copyright: Letraset·Fontek
Publisher: Letraset·Fontek
Vendor: MyFonts

Frankfurter Inline doesn't have any lower-case characters, so I used Frankfurter Medium LET Plain, also a Letraset·Fontek font

No LowerCase Letters

Horace Slughorn's Handwriting
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.7 hb.141)

Flemish Script
Design owned by: Photon
Year: 2000
Publisher: Bitstream
Vendor: MyFonts

Similar fonts:
Filmotype Zephyr
Flemish Script II
Old Fashion Script

Handwriting of The Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.9 hb.193)

Designer: Chank Diesel, Tim Drabandt
Year: 2003
Publisher: Chank Company
Vendor: MyFonts
Was $29.00  SALE! $14.50

Lavender's "My Sweeyheart"
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.16 hb.338)

Designer: Kristen Faulkner
Year: 1995
Copyright: Brand Design Company Inc.
Publisher: House Industries
Vendor: House Industries
$50.00 or $299.00 (General Collection 50 Fonts)

Similar Fonts:
P22 Bramble Wild

R.A.B.'s Handwriting
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ch.28 hb.609)

P22 Da Vinci Forward
Based on the handwriting of the Italian Renaissance artist, inventor, and visionary, Leonardo da Vinci b.1452-d.1519
Designers: Denis Kegler and Richard Kegler
Year: 1997
Copyright: P22
Publisher: P22
Vendor: MyFonts
$49.95 (3 font family)

Similar fonts:
Da Vinci Backwards

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