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Lan Mandragoran{{ººº Warder·BladeMaster·Uncrowned King of Malkier

al'Lan Mandragoran
      Lord of the Seven Towers
      TGH (ch.01 hb.00) (pb.05) The Bearer of the Sword of the Thousand Lakes
      Dai Shan, consecrated as the next King of Malkier
      Diademed Battle Lord of the Malkieri
      a.k.a. Lan
      a.k.a. Andra

The Aiel call him Aan'allein which means "a man who is an entire nation" in the Old Tongue.

{ Born 953 NE in Malkier.
    In 955 NE Malkier fell, baby Lan was carried to safety and raised "Malkieri" in Shienar.
    In 969 NE he turned 16 and began a one-man war against the Blight and the Shadow.
{ Given Shienarian Estates and Title?
º NStN (epilogue hb.332) 979 NE Moiraine Bonds Lan as her Warder.
º Bond passed to Myrelle Berengari
º Marries Nynaeve al'Meara
º ToM (ch.20 hb.315) Nynaeve al'Meara takes Lan's Warder Bond from Myrelle.

NStN (ch.01) He is very tall with shoulder length hair held by a leather headband or hadori.
EotW (ch.02) He is tall with long hair, gray at the temples, held back from his face by a narrow leather band. His face is made from stony planes and angles, weathered but unlined despite the gray in his hair.
TFoH (ch.02) Rand's description. A hard man who moved like an Aiel, like a hunting wolf; the sword at his hip did not seem part of him, it was part of him.
ACoS (ch.12) He has blue eyes and is very tall. His long hair is grayer than it used to be.

al'Akir Mandragoran{ Last King of Malkier
el'Leanna Mandragoran{ Last Queen of Malkier
Lain Mandragoran{ Uncle·Malkier
Isam Mandragoran{ Slayer·Cousin·Malkier

Cat Dancer Lan's Bay Stallion
Mandarb Lan's War-Horse


NStN (ch.01 hb.11) TGH (ch.01) The sword of Malkieri kings, made with the One Power

Edeyn ti Gemallen Arrel{{ Lan's First Lover·Malkier·Chachin, Kandor
Moiraine Damodred{{Ç Searcher·Aes Sedai·Cairhien
Myrelle Berengari{{{ººººº Aes Sedai·Ebou Dar, Altara
Nynaeve al'Meara{{{{{ Aes Sedai·Wisdom·Emond's Field


NStN (ch.01 hb.11) He had fought the Aiel long before this war began, on the Shienaran Marches, a matter of duty to friends. His sword, wrought with the One Power, before the Breaking of the World, during the War of Shadow, was the sword of Malkieri kings.

NStN (ch.01 hb.14) Last name given. When Malkier fell, twenty men were assigned the task of carrying infant Lan Mandragoran to safety. Bukama Marenellin was one of only five who made it out and he is the last alive. Bukama was steel clothed in flesh. Steel his will, duty his soul.

NStN (ch.01 hb.24) Aiel name given. Aan'allein

NStN (ch.01 hb.174) Scouts the retreating Aiel as they cross Kinslayer's Dagger heading to the Spine of the World. Lan and Bukama know Pedron Niall will end the war, but Caniedrin wants to fight.

NStN (ch.15 hb.208) Touching sword hilt, then heart Alin Seroku says formally, "There is always welcome for Lan Mandragoran Dai Shan.

NStN (ch.16 hb.211) In the Deeps of Canluum Lan tucked his purse under his shirt. Any banker would advance him more against the Shienarian estate he had been granted upon reaching manhood, but loss of gold on hand meant accepting the hospitality of Lord Varan.

NStN (ch.16 hb.216) Birthright and Oath of Malkieri kings. Named Dai Shan, and consecrated as the next King of Malkier.

NStN (ch.16 hb.219) Six men approach Lan, and Lan knew before their hands moved, before their eyes focused on him and their steps quickened. He had faced too many men who wanted to kill him not to know.
Darkfriends? Or assassins sent by Edeyn Arrel?

NStN (ch.16) Much to her chagrin Moiraine learns who Lan really is!

NStN (ch.21 hb.271) Caniedrin shoots him in the shoulder.

NStN (ch.22 hb.275) Even with Edeyn waiting, he had never been so glad to see any place in his life. By the letter of the law, they were not truly inside Chachin. But he wanted to be done with this Alys and her offered insult atop insult, fleas and blackflies.

NStN (ch.22 hb.279) To Lan's relief, he was not given a visiting king's apartments in the Aesdaishar Palace despite the shatayan's escort. The three rooms he was given were spacious and three servants, Anya and Esne and an errand boy Bulen.

NStN (ch.26 hb.318)

NStN (epilogue hb.332) Moiraine Bonds Lan as her Warder.

EotW (ch.13 hb.155) (pb.185) Lan's alias is given as Andra

EotW (ch.38 hb.00) (pb.574) Full name and Title given. Lan finds out that Nynaeve has not returned and starts to go after her, but Moiraine stops him. "Remember your oaths, al'Lan Mandragoran, Lord of the Seven Towers! What of the oath of a Diademed Battle Lord of the Malkieri?" Perrin blinked. Lan was all of that?

EotW (ch.47 hb.00) (pb.709-711) Agelmar tells Egwene his story, while Nynaeve listens more closely than anyone.
A very beautifully written summary of Lan's heritage, and the treachery that lead to the death of Al'Akir and his Queen, el'Leanna, and of Malkier et al...

TGH (ch.08 hb.00) (pb.134-135) Lan gives Nynaeve his ring, The ring of Malkieri kings. And calls her mashiara. Beloved of heart and soul, it meant, but a love lost, too.

TDR (ch.03 hb.00) (pb.58) An incredible description of Lan, his Warder's cloak.
Two shapes were making their way down through the deepening twilight, one a woman, slender and graceful, the other a man. Head and shoulders above his companion. Even to Perrin's eyes he was indistinct, sometimes seeming to vanish altogether, then reappear, parts of him fading into the night.

TDR (ch.03 hb.00) (pb.59) Lan joined them across the fire, with Uno and Loial. The flames cast flickering shadows across the Warders face, making it seem more carved from stone than it normally did. His cloak was not much easier to look at in the firelight. Sometimes it seemed only a dark gray cloak, or black, but the gray and black seemed to crawl and change if you looked to closely. Other times, it looked as if Lan had somehow made a hole in the darkness.

Lan was tall and hard, broad-shouldered, with blue eyes like frozen mountain lakes, and he moved with a deadly grace that made the sword on his hip seem part of him. It was not that he seemed merely capable of violence and death; this man had tamed violence and death and kept them in his pocket, ready to be loosed in a heartbeat, or embraced, should Moiraine give the word. Beside Lan, even Uno appeared less dangerous.

ToM (ch.20 hb.315) Nynaeve went by gateway to claim what was hers. "I swear to you, woman, if you do not pass me Lan's bond this very moment, I will teach you the meaning of obedience. Tomorrow I swear the Three Oaths, however I am free of them for one more night." Myrelle passes the bond.

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