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Rahvin{ Forsaken
      Ared Mosinel{{ Aes Sedai·Age of Legends
      a.k.a. Lord Gaebril{ Advisor to Queen Morgase
      Self-proclaimed "King" of Andor





Morgase Trakand{{¥{¥ Queen of Andor
High Lady Alteima{ Tear
+6 in Andor alone!

TDR (ch.46) Rahvin is taller than Rand, and larger as well. He looks youthful, with the exception of white streaks at his temples. TDR (ch.47) His hair and eyes, as well as his complexion, are dark, and he is considered to be very handsome. Despite this fact, Rahvin cannot seem to tolerate rejection of any kind. When it comes to his lovers, the women he chooses rarely have any choice in the matter.


TDR (ch.45 hb.423) (pb.528) Thom tells Matrim that Queen Morgase, has replaced Elaida, with Lord Gaebril, as her new Advisor. Gareth Bryne didn't like him, so he retired.

TDR (ch.46) Rahvin orders Elayne's death.

TDR (ch.47) Rahvin sets himself up in Caemlyn, seducing Queen Morgase of Andor. He takes the name of Lord Gaebril.

TSR (ch.58) Rahvin, as can be expected of a Forsaken, greatly lusts for power.

TFoH (prologue) Rahvin meets with Sammael, Lanfear, and Graendal. They form a loose alliance, intending to control Rand.

TFoH (ch.06) According to Asmodean, Rahvin only looks after his own interests, and would sit on the sideline, even during the Last Battle.

TFoH (ch.51) When Morgase flees from the Royal Palace, Ravhin, still playing the part of Lord Gaebril, names himself King of Andor.

TFoH (ch.54) When Rand attacks the Royal Palace, Rahvin uses Lightning, killing Mat, Aviendha and Asmodean.

TFoH (ch.54) TFoH (ch.55) Rahvin and Rand chase each other through Tel'aran'rhiod. With the help of Nynaeve, Rand balefires Rahvin.

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