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Moghedien{¥ coursouvra·Forsaken
      Lilen Moiral{{ Aes Sedai·Age of Legends
      a.k.a. Gyldin{ Servant·Tanchico, Tarabon
      a.k.a. Marigan{ Healer·Samara, Ghealdan

She was named Moghedien because it was the name of a deadly spider in the Age of Legends which hid in corners and trapped it's victims in a web. Moghedien did not chose this name for herself, instead was given it by those she had betrayed, though it is well suited to her character.






TSR(ch.36) Moghedien has dark hair that is shoulder length, dark eyes and smooth skin. She is handsome and does not have the ageless look about her.

Gyldin{ Servant·Tanchico, Tarabon
TFoH(ch.18) Also the appearance she takes for Gyldin, which is why Liandrin is doubtful of Moghedien at first.

Marigan{ Healer·Samara, Ghealdan
LoC(prologue) Has a weary, blunt face and looks as though she has lost a lot of weight. This is different to her other appearance as Nynaeve guesses from what Moghedien tells her that she was a swindler.


Gyldin Servant to the Black Ajah in Tanchico
TFoH (ch.18 hb.239) (pb.338)
Marigan{ Healer·Samara, Ghealdan
TFoH (ch.18 hb.802) (pb.569) She has two sons, ages six and seven. She dealt in cures and herbs in Samara. Her husband has been dead for five years.

TSR (ch.54) Age of Legends: Lillen was roughly 200 years old when the Bore was created, fairly young for an Aes Sedai.

TFoH (ch.25) During the War of the Shadow: Lillen is revealed to serve the Dark One by Teadra (Birgitte).

TDR (ch.36) War of the Shadow: Moghedien is bound with the other Forsaken when the Bore is sealed by Lews Therin and his Companions.

TSR (ch.54) Moghedien wakes after over 3000 years and begins to search for information about the Age of Legends and of the time that elapsed after it.

TSR (ch.54) Moghedien travels to Tanchico in search of the male a'dam.

TSR (ch.54) Moghedien battles with Nynaeve al'Meara and loses, only narrowly escaping being stilled.

TFoH (ch.18) Moghedien reveals herself to the thirteen Black Ajah outside of the Tower and sets them all tasks to do.

TFoH (ch.50) Moghedien arrives in Salidar, disguised as Marigan, after travelling there with Nynaeve and Elayne.

TFoH (ch.54) Moghedien is trapped by Nynaeve in Tel'aran'rhiod when Nynaeve uses an a'dam and is forced to help Nynaeve and Elayne.

ACoS (ch.25) Moghedien is freed of the a'dam by Aran'gar, Halima, and is summoned to the Pit of Doom.

WH (ch.35) Moghedien is sent to Shadar Logoth by Moridin to try to prevent Rand al'Thor and Nynaeve al'Meara from cleansing the Taint.

KoD (ch.03) Moghedien attends a meeting with Moridin and all of the Forsaken. Arang’gar notes how subservient she is and that she shivers when Moridin touches something. He reasons he will be able to control her if he can dispose of Moridin.

TGS (prologue) Moghedien and Cyndane are travelling, organizing darkfriends and trying to kill Mat and Perrin.

aMoL (prologue) At some point after three months in control, Moridin gives her her cour'souvra.

aMoL (prologue) She attends a meeting of the surviving Forsaken where she meets Hessalam and is told that Mazrim Taim is now the Chosen M'Hael.

aMoL (prologue) Moridin tells her she is to assist Demandred by watching over one of the Armies facing the Shadow in the Last Battle.

aMoL (ch.19) She disguises herself as a so'jhin and likely introduces Nata to Mat.

aMoL (ch.37) She controls Abaldar Yulan through Compulsion and has him argue against Mat.

aMoL (ch.37) Min identifies her and she is forced to flee when she reveals herself.

aMoL (ch.43) After Demandred's death, she is granted full access to the True Power.

aMoL (ch.43) She uses the Mask of Mirrors to disguise herself as him.

aMoL (ch.43) She kills a Sharan monk who realizes, and is accepted by the remaining Sharans.

aMoL (ch.43) Talmanes opens a gateway behind her and fires the Dragons through it.

aMoL (epilogue) She survives the battle but is taken as damane by a sul'dam named Shanan.

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