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Lanfear{Ç Forsaken
      Mierin Eronaile{{
      a.k.a. Selene{
      a.k.a. Silvie{
      a.k.a. Keille Shaogi Kadere's Companion
      Daughter of the Night

{ Born Mierin Eronaile
Aes Sedai·Age of Legends
Selene TGH (ch.16)
{ Tel'aran'rhiod
Silvie TDR (ch.27)
Keille Shaogi TSR (ch.36)
Ç Tower of Ghenjei
Moridin kills her.
cour'souvra belonging to Moridin





Rand al'Thor{{{{{{{{{º{{{{ The Dragon Reborn·Emond's Field
Lews Therin Telamon{{ Head of the Aes Sedai·Age of Legends
Charn§{ø Da'shain Aiel

Lanfear is tall and slender, incredibly beautiful and graceful. She has pale, smooth skin, long, black hair and eyes dark as night. She dresses in white with silver jewelry.

Selene{ Cairhien
TGH (ch.16 hb.223)(pb.253)
TSR (ch.26) Mierin and Beidomon tap into what they think is a new source of the One Power and unexpectedly open a hole into the Dark One's prison. The Sharom at the Collam Daan explodes in black fire.

Silvie{ Tel'aran'rhiod
TDR (ch.27 hb.316) (pb.252) An old woman Egwene meets in Tel'aran'rhiod. Ugly does not begin to describe her. She has a bony, pointed chin; a bony, sharp nose; and warts all over her face.

Keille Shaogi Kadere's companion
TSR (ch.36 hb.592) (pb.533) A heavy woman who travels with Kadere. She sells Mat his hat for a gold mark. She is a very strange character, who knows odd information about the world.

TFoH (ch.52) Lanfear attacks Rand and seriously injured Aviendha and Egwene. Moiraine leaps on her and they both fall through the twisted red doorway.

ToM (ch.57 hb.823) Moiraine tells Thom, "The Aelfinn and Eelfinn claimed to have killed Lanfear by draining her too quickly."

Cyndane cour'souvra belonging to Moridin
WH (ch.35)
ToM (ch.57) Lanfear is still trapped in the Tower of Ghenjei when Moridin kills her, she is then reincarnated as Cyndane and fitted with a cour'souvra held by her murderer. Cyndane is not as strong as Lanfear was, but she is still stronger than Graendal. Her new name means "Last Chance"
Ironic. Released from one trap, given a new body, then mind trapped.

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