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In Seanchan, Asha'man are known as Tsorov'ande Doon, Black-Souled Tempests.
Dedicated: Sword Pin
Full Asha'men: Sword Pin and Dragon Pin

Rand al'Thor{{{{{{{{{º{{{{ The Dragon Reborn·Emond's Field

False Dragons
Logain Ablar{{{{ºº Asha'man·False Dragon·Cosamelle, Ghealdan
EotW (ch.03 hb.00) (pb.35) Fain talks of the False Dragon in Ghealdan.

Mazrim Taim{{{ Asha'man·False Dragon·Saldaea
      a.k.a. M'Hael

Abors§{ Darkfriend·Asha'man
aMoL (ch.10 hb.234) One of Taim's cronies, and part of the team of Asha'man and Aes Sedai who are trying to Turn Logain, Toveine, Gabrelle, Androl, and Pevara. He has thick eyebrows. He was one of the Asha'man who went over to the Shadow of his own volition.
Algarin Pendaloan{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Lord of House Pendaloan·Tear
      a.k.a. Emarin Pendaloan{
CoT (ch.23)
KoD (ch.18)
ToM (ch.56 hb.817) He was remarkably skillful, considering the amount of time he'd been practicing, and expertly crafted the weave for a gateway. Instead of opening a hole in the air, the weave unraveled and vanished.

Androl Genhald{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Tarabon
      Talent: Gateways
He is a square fellow with heavy eyebrows.
WH (prologue) In a meeting with with Logain, Androl reports that he has found two men interested in learning Nynaeve's style of Healing.
TGS (ch.05) Androl is very good at making gateways.
ToM (ch.46 hb.677-691) This whole chapter is about Androl, his Talent, his fear of shadow.
ToM (ch.56) Both Logain and Taim thought Androl's skill at gateways was impressive... but even his gateways fail. Mezar isn't Mezar. Androl visits Pevara.

Antail§{{ Healer·Asha'man
      Talent: Healing
He is quiet and thin-haired.
ToM (ch.24) In Maradon Antail Heals Ituralde's broken leg.
ToM (ch.28) Heals Deepe.
AMoL (ch.16) After Deepe is killed by Taim in the Last Battle, Antail leads the toast.

Arel Malevin{Asha'man Soldier·Cairhien
      Bonds Aisling Noon{{{{º Aes Sedai·Tuatha'an
He is barely chest-high to Lan but very wide.
KoD (ch.20) Linked, Arel Malevin and Aisling Noon weave Fire to incinerate the corpses of Trollocs and Myrddraal.

Arlen Nalaam{{ Asha'man Soldier·Arad Doman
      Claims his father was a spy for Arad Doman
He is copper-skinned with a thin mustache
He knows many obscure facts and claims to be widely traveled.
TPoD (ch.23) Arlen brings a captured sul'dam to Rand, then goes back to the spot where his first Gateway was located, prepared to weave another Gateway to take her back to the carts. When Rand asks why he went back to the same spot, he tells Rand that it's easier for him to make a Gateway if he's made one in the same spot before.
Rand learned this Traveling "technique" from him then.
ToM (ch.46) Just shy of his thirtieth year. He claims his mother once infiltrated the Tuatha'an and that his father was a spy for Domani crown who once saved a Two Rivers man from drowning in Illian.
ToM (ch.46) Arlen often speaks in gibberish, residual madness from the taint.
AMoL (ch.02)
AMoL (ch.03) He claimed he and his father visited Shara and that they also fought down six Darkhounds.

Atal Mishraile§{ Full Asha'man·Taim's
He is tall with waves of golden hair to his broad shoulders and a winning smile. He is young and very handsome with a deep voice and bright blue eyes.
WH (prologue) Mishraile receives private lessons from Taim.
CoT (prologue) Atal Mishraile brings a message to Logain that the M'Hael has approved his request to go recruiting
KoD (epilogue) Mazrim Taim clubs Mishraile unconscious, fracturing his skull, when he speaks out of turn in front of the Red Ajah sisters.
WH (prologue) Donalo Sandomere reports Mishraile's private lessons to Logain.
CoT (prologue) Atal Mishraile wears the sword and Dragon pins of a full Asha'man.
ToM (ch.56) Norley waved at Mishraile as they walked past him, supervising a group of soldiers practicing their weaves. The golden-haired man turned away dismissively.

Calder{{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Emond's Field
This may be my bad. Can't find him anywhere. There is a family named Calder from Emond's Field EotW (ch.07)

Canler{ Dedicated Asha'man·Farmer·Andor
He is a sturdy fellow with gray in his hair.
ACoS (ch.27) Canler figures out how to bond his wife then teaches other Asha'man such as Jur Grady. Taim is displeased.
WH (prologue) With Rand in Illian. Logain meets with several Dedicated including Androl Genhald, Canler, Donalo Sandomere, Evin Vinchova, Mezar Kurin and Welyn Kajima.
ToM (ch.46 hb.684) The sturdy man was the oldest of the group, his hair graying, his square face lined from many years in the sun.
ToM (ch.56 hb.817) The aging Andoran farmer wore a deep frown. Of course, Canler often scowled.

Charl Gedwyn§{ Full Asha'man·Taim's
      Tsorovan'm'Hael Storm Leader
He is a hard-faced young man. LoC (ch.55) He is arrogant and cocky. ACoS (ch.2) He is a few years older than Rand and of middling height. TPoD (ch.21) He wears his hair caught at the nape of the neck with a silver clip. WH (ch.33)
LoC (ch.55) At the battle of Dumai's Wells, Gedwyn starts to attack Gawyn before Rand knocks him down. Gedwyn nearly turns on Rand before Taim arrives and takes control.
ACoS (ch.2) Gedwyn is with Rand, Taim and the other Asha'man in the aftermath at Dumai's Wells. Taim looks at him and he shakes his head no causing Taim to frown. Taim calls specifically for Gedwyn, Rochaid, Torval and Kisman when he prepares to return to the Black Tower.
TPoD (ch.21) Gedwyn and Rochaid arrive at Rand's camp with eight Dedicated and forty soldiers.
TPoD (ch.22) Gedwyn and Rochaid lead the Asha'man as they Travel with Rand to Altara.
TPoD (ch.23) After the first skirmish with the Seanchan, Gedwyn and Rochaid talk quietly together.
TPoD (ch.23) After several more battles, Rand sends Dashiva and Flinn with orders for Gedwyn to renew his attack. Gedwyn returns reporting that all the Seanchan are falling back. Gedwyn and Weiramon recommend that they push on to Ebou Dar.
TPoD (ch.24) Gedwyn and seven other Asha'man hold gateways as Rand's army pours through, preparing for the final battle with the Seanchan. Gedwyn then accompanies Weiramon. Bertome overhears Weiramon say to Gedwyn, "I don't care who you are. I won't take more risk without a command direct from the lips of—"
TPoD (ch.29) After the explosion, Rand spies Dashiva, Gedwyn and Rochaid together. Gedwyn says "... telling you I felt nothing. He's dead." Dashiva spots him, snarls, and throws fireballs at him. A few minutes later the three apparently leave the Sun Palace via gateway.
WH (ch.32) Gedwyn and Torval arrive in Far Madding and rent the top floor of Zeram's house.
WH (ch.33) Fain is waiting for them when they return to the house. He kills them with the ruby dagger.

Corlan Dashiva{ Full Asha'man·The Black Hills
      a.k.a. Osan'gar
LoC (prologue) Osan'gar helped make the Trollocs, but Fades still make him uncomfortable.
ACoS (ch.04 hb.)  ACoS (ch.18 hb.)  ACoS (ch.34 hb.)  ACoS (ch.36 hb.)  ACoS (ch.41 hb.)
TPoD (ch.13 hb.)  TPoD (ch.14 hb.)  TPoD (ch.21 hb.)  TPoD (ch.22 hb.)  TPoD (ch.23 hb.)  TPoD (ch.24 hb.)  TPoD (ch.27 hb.)  TPoD (ch.29 hb.)
WH (ch.13 hb.)  WH (ch.35 hb.) Elza Penfell uses Callandor to vaporize Osan'gar.

Coteren{{ Full Asha'man·Illian·Taim's
ToM (ch.46 hb.688) He was a bulky man, his black, oily hair kept long and loose. It hung around a blunt face with pudgy cheeks. His eyes were focused, dangerous. He smiled. The smile of a cat that had found a rodent to play with... Logain's men.
His accent, "You do be..." marks him an Illianer.

Damer Flinn{{ Warder·Dedicated Asha'man·Queen's Guard·Andor
      Bonded to Corele Hovian{{º
TGS (ch.01 hb.57)

Deepe Bhadar{{ Full Asha'man·Andor
He has a flat face and black hair that he wears long.
ToM (ch.28 hb.444) Rand's man, senior among the Asha'man he had sent to Maradon, informs Rodel that he can feel men channeling, moments later the wall explodes and Deepe's leg is blown off below the knee. Deepe is Healed by Antail.
ToM (ch.32 hb.496)
AMoL (ch.16) He fights along side Lan during the Last Battle and is killed by Taim.
I liked this guy.

Donalo Sandomere{{º Dedicated Asha'man·Tear·Taim's
      Bonds Ayako Norsoni§{º
      Talent: Reading Residues
He wears a garnet in his left ear and his gray-streaked beard is trimmed to a point and oiled. He has a creased, leathery face.
Somewhere Rand sees an unidentified man with a red earring? Dumai's? LoC (ch.42)??
TPoD (ch.22) He is one of the eight Dedicated in Rand's army in Illian, where he weaves a gateway to Altara.
TPoD (ch.26) Sandomere "wife bonds" Ayako Norsoni§{º
WH (prologue)
KoD (ch.20) After the fight with the Trollocs at Algarin's estate in Tear, Donalo and Ayako help burning bodies. Nynaeve notices that many of the forcefully bonded Aes Sedai seem to get along pretty well with their Asha'man.
KoD (ch.27) Raised to Full Asha'man and accompanies Rand to the meeting with the fake Daughter of the Nine Moons, where he is wounded. Nynaeve Heals him.
AMoL (ch.42) He and Ayako are captured and turned some time before the Last Battle.
AMoL (ch.42) Donalo and Ayako survive the Last Battle but are captured by Androl inside a stedding.

Eben Hopwil§{º Warder·Dedicated Asha'man
      Bonded by Daigian Moseneillin{{{
LoC (ch.03) LoC (ch.42) LoC (ch.55)
ACoS (ch.02) ACoS (ch.07) ACoS (ch.41)
TPoD (ch.13) TPoD (ch.14 TPoD (ch.22) TPoD (ch.23 TPoD (ch.24 TPoD (ch.27)
WH (prologue) WH (ch.13) WH (ch.25) Daigian bonds Eben Hopwil as her Warder. WH (ch.34) WH (ch.35)

Enkazin{{ Asha'man Soldier·Saldaea
Skinny and broad-nosed, just short of his middle years. He looks like a clerk with a bit of a stoop.
KoD (epilogue) Enkazin, Saml al'Seen and a Dedicated Asha'man stand guard at the entrance gate to the Black Tower when the Red Ajah arrives.

Evin Hardlin§ Dedicated Asha'man
TPoD (ch.26 hb.515) (pb.586) Bonds ?? ToM (ch.46 hb.689) First name given as Evin

Evin Vinchova{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Tarabon
He is pink cheeked and young... sixteen at most.
TPoD (ch.26) Vinchova is with Logain, Hardlin, Kajima and Norley when they capture Toveine Gazal and her party.
WH (prologue) Several Dedicated including Androl Genhald, Canler, Donalo Sandomere, Evin Vinchova, Mezar Kurin and Welyn Kajima meet with Logain.
Vinchova reports that some of the Two Rivers men are a problem.
ToM (ch.46) Logain took most of trained men loyal tp him, he is one of the few remaining in the Black Tower who is still loyal.
ToM (ch.56) Androl discovers that Traveling from the Black Tower is not possible, Evin tests out the grounds for Androl.
AMoL (ch.08) Androl and his companions go to rescue Logain, Evin is broken by Taim's men and tells them about the rescue attempt. He is taken and Turned.
AMoL (ch.14) Androl tricks him into killing Abors. Evin dies, either killed by Taim or Androl.

Fager Neald{{{}} Full Asha'man·Murandy
ToM (ch.34 hb.529) Neald is the second Asha'man Brandon has said was a youthful Asha'man soldier, that I have marked Full or Dedicated, the other in TGS (ch.48 hb.743) is Karldin Manfor but in KoD (ch.27) Karldin was recently raised to Dedicated and more recently to full Asha'man. ...?
ACoS (ch.02) Dumai's Wells  ACoS (ch.27)  TPoD (ch.07)  TPoD (ch.09)
TPoD (ch.30)  WH (ch.01)  WH (ch.02)   WH (ch.06)  CoT (ch.05)
CoT (ch.08) Jur Grady is a bit stronger than Fager Neald.  CoT (ch.25)
CoT (ch.26)  CoT (ch.27)  KoD (prologue)  KoD (ch.12) Age given.  KoD (ch.27)
KoD (ch.29)  TPoD (ch.08)  WH (ch.01) Nationality given.  WH (ch.05)
TGS (ch.09)  TGS (ch.17)

Fedwin Morr§§{ Dedicated Asha'man·Promoted to Full Asha'man
He is stocky and is fifteen or sixteen.
LoC (ch.03) Fedwin is at the farm when Rand arrives with Taim.
LoC (ch.11)  LoC (ch.42)
LoC (ch.55) Dumai's Wells.
ACoS (ch.02) Selected to accompany Rand back to Cairhien.
ACoS (ch.07) Sent with Bashere and Bael as a messenger. Fedwin has a block.
ACoS (ch.41)
TPoD (ch.13) Sent to scout Ebou Dar
TPoD (ch.14) Promoted to Full Asha'man
TPoD (ch.21) Rand sends Morr into the city to bring more men of the Legion of the Dragon.
TPoD (ch.22) Travel with Rand to Altara.
TPoD (ch.23) Help Heal the wounded. saidin feels strange.
TPoD (ch.23) Heals Rand.
TPoD (ch.24) Goes with the Companions to the south.
TPoD (ch.27) Accompany Rand to visit Cadsuane
TPoD (ch.29) Morr is with Rand and Min in the throne room. After they leave and the rooms explode, Rand sends them to the cellars telling Morr to guard Min with his life. Succumbs to the Taint so Rand poisons him.

Jahar Narishma{{º Warder·Dedicated Asha'man·Arafel
      Bonded to Merise Haindehl
TPoD (ch.14) Rand promoted him to Dedicated.
WH (ch.35) Shadar Logoth to cleanse saidin.
TGS (ch.01 hb.57)
TGS (ch.44 hb.684)
TGS (ch.44 hb.690) The boy had become a man. A man, with the grace of a soldier, the careful eyes of a Warder. A man who had seen death and fought the Forsaken... one of Rand's men.
He wore the black coat of an Asha'man and the Sword and Dragon twinkled on his collar.

"You are a Borderlander, Narishma," Nynaeve said. "Do you have any idea why the others left their posts?"
"A Borderlander's place is guarding the Border. But I was a cobbler's son, I do not know the ways of Lords and Ladies." He hesitated. "Besides, I am not a Borderlander anymore." The implication was clear. He would protect Rand, no matter what other allegiances he may have. A very Warder-like way of thinking.

Jaim Torfinn{{{ Asha'man Soldier·Two Rivers
TSR (ch.33)  TSR (ch.56)
ToM (ch.46)

Jonan Adley{{{ Asha'man Soldier·Altara
He is an Altaran with thick black eyebrows, in his mid twenties. ACoS (ch.7] LoC (ch.11) Jonan Adley joins the others at the farm and learns to channel. Taim teaches Jonan Adley, Damer Flinn, Jur Grady, Eben Hopwil, Fedwin Morr and the other two recruits to blow up rocks and shield themselves.
ACoS (ch.02) At Dumai's Wells Adley is one of the nine Asha'man selected to accompany Rand back to Cairhien. ACoS (ch.07) Adley accompanies Rand to Caemlyn. Rand plans to take him to Lord Semaradrid and High Lord Weiramon as a messenger. ACoS (ch.41) Adley and Eben Hopwil reach the hillforts with High Lord Weiramon and begin attacking. Sammael shows up and begins to counterattack. Adley Travels to Cairhien to report to Rand, the accompanies Rand on the strike at Illian.
TPoD (ch.27) Rand sends Adley to Cairhien with a message for Min.
TPoD (ch.21) Adley and the other Asha'man accompany Rand as he Travels to Illian.
TPoD (ch.22) Gedwyn and Rochaid lead the Asha'man including Adley as they Travel with Rand to Altara.
TPoD (ch.23) After the first skirmish with the Seanchan, Flinn, Adley, Morr and Hopwil Heal the wounded.
TPoD (ch.24) Adley and seven other Asha'man hold gateways as Rand's army pours through, preparing for the final battle with the Seanchan. During the battle Adley loses control of saidin killing a bunch of Ailil's and Anaiyella's men. Adley is killed when Rand loses control of Callandor.

Jonneth Dowtry{{ Asha'man Soldier·Emond's Field
ToM (ch.46 hb.684)

Jur Grady§{º{}} Dedicated Asha'man
His weathered face is already beginning to show creases though he is short of his middle years.
KoD (ch.12 hb.293) For all he had done and seen, Neald was young yet. Just seventeen. That would make Jur Grady about 27!

Karldin Manfor§{º Warder·Dedicated Asha'man
      a.k.a. Mr. Underhill
      Loial's Escort to the WayGates
      Bonded to Beldeine Nyram{{¥§º da'tsang·Aes Sedai·Saldaea
He is a narrow faced, pale-haired young fellow.
ACoS (ch.02) At Dumai's Wells Karldin is one of the nine Asha'man selected to accompany Rand back to Cairhien.
ACoS (ch.27) Rand sends Karldin and Loial on a mission to visit all the stedding and place guards at all the Waygates.
CoT (prologue) Karldin and Loial return to the Sun Palace and learn that Rand is gone and Dobraine is critically wounded.
CoT (ch.24) Karldin and Loial visit all the stedding except Stedding Shangtai and convince all but those in the Borderlands and the Shadow Coast to post guards at the Waygates.
CoT (ch.24) Logain reports to Rand that Taim put Jahar, Damer and Karldin on the list of deserters.
CoT (ch.24) Guided by the missing Aes Sedai's Warders, Logain Travels to find Rand accompanied by Bashere and a hundred of his horsemen, a half dozen other Asha'man, eight Aes Sedai including Toveine, Gabrelle and Samitsu, Loial and Karldin.
KoD (ch.20) Karldin and Bashere meet with High Lady Suroth to set up a meeting between Rand and the Daughter of the Nine Moons.
KoD (ch.27) Karldin Manfor is one of the first men to come to the Black Tower before it is called the Black Tower.
KoD (ch.27) Beldeine asks Karldin to let her bond him as her Warder and he agrees.
KoD (ch.27) Beldeine and Karldin accompany Rand to his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons.
KoD (ch.27) Karldin was recently raised to Dedicated and more recently to Full Asha'man.
TGS (ch.48) Karldin follows Beldeine when she leaves Cadsuane's rooms in the Stone of Tear in a huff.

Kash§{ Full Asha'man·Taim's
ToM (ch.46 hb.689)

Logain Ablar{{{{ºº Cosamelle, Ghealdan
Bonds Gabrelle§{º
      Bonds Toveine Gazal§{º Exiled·Sitter·Aes Sedai

Manel Rochaid{{ Full Asha'man·Murandy
      Baijan'm'hael... Attack Leader

Mazrim Taim{{{ False Dragon·Saldaea
      a.k.a. M'Hael
ToM (ch.53 hb.771) A tall, black haired man with high, Saldaean cheekbones. He smiled. Or the closest he ever came to such an expression... a half smile that did not reach his eyes... predatory.

Mezar Kurin{ Asha'man·Arad Doman
      Bonds Adrielle§{º involuntarily.
TPoD (ch.26) Kurin bonds Adrielle involuntarily.
WH (prologue) Several Dedicated including Androl Genhald, Canler, Donalo Sandomere, Evin Vinchova, Mezar Kurin and Welyn Kajima meet with Logain.
KoD (ch.27) Kurin is raised to full Asha'man.
KoD (ch.27) Kurin and Adrielle accompany Rand to his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Kurin and Adrielle are now fond of each other.
ToM (ch.46) No one at the Black Tower has heard from Logain, Donalo, Mezar and Welyn in the weeks since they left.
ToM (ch.56) "It's not really Mezar." Norely said. "Oh, it has Mezar's face, right enough. But it's not him. I can see it in his eyes. Trouble is, whatever the thing is, it has Mezar's memories."
When Mezar had returned a few days back... explaining that Logain was well and that all would soon be resolved with Taim... Androl had begun to hope that there was a way out of this mess. But something had seemed off about the man. Beyond that, the M'Hael had made a great show of raising him to full Asha'man.

Naeff§{{º Full Asha'man·Queen's Guard·Andor
      Bonded to Nelavaire Demasiellin
He has a strong, rectangular face and the lean build of a warrior.
TGS (ch.01 hb.57) Rank given.
TGS (ch.11 hb.182) Naeff, who was particularly strong with Air, helps Aviendha douse the fire with water from the second story window, when the Bubble of Evil... with heat so intense... ignites Adrin who in turn sets Lord Tallaen's Manor House on fire. TGS (ch.31 hb.478) Naeff had a strong rectangular face and the lean build of a warrior. He'd been a soldier in the Queen's Guard before resigning in disgust during the reign of "Lord Gaebril" and now he wore both Sword and Dragon. He had been one of the first Asha'men bonded and Rand would probably need to let Naeff return to his Aes Sedai or bring her to him.
TGS (ch.31) Naeff was a soldier in Morgase's Queen's Guard until he resigned... disgusted by Gaebril. Bonded to Nelavaire Demasiellin.
TGS (ch.44 hb.684) Rand had forbidden any Aes Sedai to accompany him to meet with the Borderlanders... the only channelers he's allow were Naeff, Narishma, Nynaeve, and himself.
ToM (ch.15 hb.215) He has a strong, rectangular face and the lean build of a warrior. He was talented with weaves... particularly Air, which was unusual for a man. He could see Myrddraal. It was part of his madness, but it wasn't getting any worse. He considered it a Talent, and didn't know why he could see them when others could not.
ToM (ch.15 hb.220) After the Bubble of Evil, Nynaeve Delves Naeff. The fades disappeared from Naeff's mind and he knows it. He asks Nynaeve, "What did you do?" and she replies "I... I think I just Healed your madness."
Naeff seems to be close by a lot when Bubbles of Evil strike?
ToM (ch.25 hb.401) Accompanies Rand to Arad Doman, Rand's people.
ToM (ch.32 hb.499) Wears the Dragon pin when he comes to Arad Doman w/ Rand to cleanse Saldaea of Shadowspawn.
ToM (ch.51 hb.747) Rand asks the tall man if there has been any word from the Black Tower, and when he says no, Rand teaches him how to weave a disguise and sends him there.

Norley{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Cairhien
TPoD (ch.26) Norley is with Logain, Hardlin, Kajima and Vinchova when they capture the Red Sisters sent by Elaida. Toveine Gazal, Jenare and Lemai.
ToM (ch.46 hb.689) Norley, Evin, Hardlin and all the Two Rivers men are still loyal to Logain. "Norley is trustworthy," Canler said. "Evin and? Hardlin, too."
ToM (ch.56 hb.818) Nationality given. The short thick-waisted Cairhienin had an open, inviting smile. Nobody ever suspected him of spying on them, something Androl put to good use.
ToM (ch.56 hb.818) Androl and Norley both note that Mezar is acting very strange. Norley tries to be friendly with Mishraile but gets ignored.

Peral Torval{{ Asha'man·Tarabon·Taim's
•typo• Tolvar LoC (ch.42 hb.541) Challenges Rand. Taim has him beaten.
•typo• Torvil LoC (ch.55 hb.694) He wears the dragon on his collar and is the only Full Asha'man Rand recognizes at Dumai's Wells.
ACoS (ch.02)
TPoD (ch.14)
WH (ch.32) Full name and nationality given.
WH (ch.33) Killed by Fain with the Ruby Dagger.

Raefar Kisman{{ Dedicated Asha'man·Tear

Saml al'Seen{{ Asha'man Soldier·Two Rivers
He is little more than a child with dark hair.
KoD (epilogue) Enkazin, Saml and a Dedicated Asha'man stand guard at the entrance gate to the Black Tower when the Red Ajah arrives.

•typo• Tolvar
LoC (ch.42 hb.541) Challenges Rand. Taim has him beaten.

•typo• Torvil
LoC (ch.55 hb.694) Must be a typo for Peral Torval as he wears the dragon on his collar and was the only Full Asha'man at Dumai's

Trost{{ Asha'man Soldier·Two Rivers
ToM (ch.46 hb.682)

Tymoth§{ Asha'man
ToM (ch.21)

Varil Nensen{{ Asha'man Soldier·Tarabon
TPoD (ch.23) a young man. He wears the transparent veil of a Taraboner. Varil reports to Rand that there are more Seanchan thirty miles to the west.
ToM (ch.46 hb.688) Taim's Full Asha'man

Welyn Kajima{ Dedicated Asha'man·Clerk·Arafel
He is in his middle years. He wears his black hair in braids with bells at the ends. He smiles too much.
TPoD (ch.26) Bonds Jenare
WH (prologue)
KoD (ch.27) Welyn Kajima and Jenare accompany Rand to his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons.
ToM (ch.46) Logain had left in the night weeks ago, taking his three most loyal and powerful Dedicated with him.
AMoL (ch.02 hb.104) Evin tells Androl that Kajima's eyes are no longer his own, he and Jenare have been turned by Taim.

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