Lord Luc of House Mantear{§
      a.k.a. Slayer
      a.k.a. Isam

He disappeared into the Blight in 971 NE and is presumed dead.

He is tall, broad-shouldered and in his middle years. He has a hard, angular face and dark reddish hair white-winged at the temples. He has dark blue eyes. He wears a wolf's-head buckle on his belt.

As Slayer, he is tall and dark-haired. He has a cold scent that is not really human. He looks enough like Lan to be his brother. He has dark hair and blue eyes and a face all hard planes and angles.

Queen Mordrellen Mantear{ Lady of House Mantear·Queen of Andor
Tigraine Mantear{{ Lady of House Mantear and Damodred·Daughter Heir of Andor
      a.k.a. Shaiel: "Woman Who Is Dedicated"
Galadedrid (Galad) Damodred{º{ BladeMaster·Whitecloak·House Damodred·Cairhien
Rand al'Thor{{{{{{{{{º{{{{ The Dragon Reborn






LoC (ch.16) About 971 NE, Gitara Moroso convinces Lord Luc that the outcome of Tarmon Gai'don depends upon him going to the Blight. He disappears from Caemlyn.

TGH (ch.07) According to the Dark Prophecy, Luc meets Isam in the Mountains of Dhoom. One lives and one dies but both are. Luc and Isam are merged into a single being and given special powers by the Great Lord.

TDR (ch.15) Luc kills a Gray Man in the White Tower after he fails to kill Egwene. WH (ch.22)

TSR (ch.12) Isam assassinates Joiya and Amico in the Stone of Tear. WH (ch.22)

TSR (ch.28) In the wolf dream, Perrin sees a man standing over a dead wolf and follows him to the Tower of Ghenjei where he disappears. Hopper later tells him the man is called Slayer.

TSR (ch.31) Luc brings two Gray Men to assassinate Fain, but Fain kills them instead.

TSR (ch.32) Luc arrives at Jac al'Seen's farm shortly after Perrin and his party.

TSR (ch.33) Luc is nervous about Verin and shocked at Perrin. He puts on a grandiose display, but leaves in a huff when it is clear that the farmers mean to follow Perrin's advice instead of his.

TSR (ch.34) Luc kills Janduin in the Blight.

TSR (ch.39) In Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve visits Emond's Field. A man who looks like Lan tries to kill her with an arrow.

TSR (ch.40) Luc and Faile arrive at Perrin's camp. Perrin invites Luc to come with them to hunt Trollocs but he declines.

TSR (ch.42) Slayer attacks Perrin in the wolf dream near the Manetheren Waygate. He tells Perrin that he brought the Trollocs to keep the Whitecloaks off balance and to see that the Renegade died. Rather than play Slayer's game, Perrin moves to another dream.

TSR (ch.43) Luc leads a group of the less savory locals to antagonize the Whitecloaks.

TSR (ch.45) Luc is clearly angry when he learns that Taren Ferry was attacked by Trollocs and people escaped across the river. He asks if Ordeith were there.

TSR (ch.53) Luc dashes from the Winespring Inn and rides away clutching his chest as though he were injured.

TSR (ch.53) Slayer attacks Perrin in the wolf dream near Taren Ferry. This time Perrin severely wounds him with an arrow in the chest.

TSR (ch.53) Luc dashes from the Winespring Inn and rides away clutching his chest as though he were injured.

LoC (ch.14) Egwene has caught glimpses of a man she thinks is Lan in Tel'aran'rhiod.

WH (ch.10) Slayer spies on Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. They think he looks like Rand's uncle.

WH (ch.13) Isam is still under orders to find and kill Fain.

WH (ch.22) A mysterious figure sends Isam to Far Madding to assassinate Rand and Min. He drops out of Tel'aran'rhiod into the real world and becomes Luc. He kills two people, but they are the wrong ones. Back in Tel'aran'rhiod, he reports back to his boss who tells him to wait before trying again. Luc changes back to Isam and goes hunting for wolves.

Robert Jordan blog:
Slayer chooses the appearance and personality of either Luc or Isam at his will whenever he enters or exits Tel'aran'rhiod.

EotW (ch.34) Almen Bunt mentions Luc to Rand and Mat.

TGH (ch.07) The Dark Prophecy refers to Luc meeting Isam in the high passes of the Mountains of Dhoom.

TSR (ch.28) Hopper tells Perrin the man is called Slayer, he is in the wolf dream in the flesh and he is very dangerous.

TSR (ch.29) Perrin is worried that Slayer may also be in the real Two Rivers.

TSR (ch.29) Marin and Bran tell Perrin about Lord Luc, a Hunter of the Horn who is in the Two Rivers.

TSR (ch.30) Perrin wonders if this Lord Luc has some ideas how to fight the Trollocs.

TSR (ch.34) Janduin was killed in the Blight by a man who looked like Shaiel.

TSR (ch.40) To Perrin, Luc smells cold and barely human.

TSR (ch.40) Though he claims to be from Murandy, Luc also brags that he has a claim to a Borderlands throne.

TSR (ch.53) To Perrin, Luc and Slayer smell different, but both are cold and hardly human.

TSR (ch.56) The Trollocs chant, "ISAM!" as they make the final charge on Emond's Field.

TSR (ch.56) Fain is angry that Isam stopped bringing in Trollocs. He is pleased that his attack on Taren Ferry letting people escape to spread the news discomforted Isam.

LoC (ch.16) Lady Dyelin tells Rand the story of Luc riding north and disappearing a year before Tigraine disappeared.

WH (ch.10) Temaile spots Luc spying on Elayne and Nynaeve in Tel'aran'rhiod, but does not know who he is.

WH (ch.22) The Great Lord gave Luc/Isam the ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod at will and other gifts, but immunity to weapons and poison was not one of them.

WH (ch.22) He freely switches personalities between Luc and Isam in both the real world and Tel'aran'rhiod.

LoC (ch.14) Egwene has caught glimpses of a man she thinks is Lan in Tel'aran'rhiod.

WH (ch.10) Slayer spies on Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. They think he looks like Rand's uncle.

ToM (ch.24 hb.391) A wolf suddenly howled in pain. It was Morninglight. The howl cut off, and the wolf's mind winked out. Vanishing. Only one thing hunted the spirits of the wolf.
A muscular tanned man with dark hair and blue eyes squatted in the center of the glade, a wolf's corpse at his feet. Slayer was a thick-armed man, and his scent was faintly inhuman, like a man mixed with stone. He wore dark clothing; leather and black wool.

Perrin charged forward. Slayer looked up in surprise. He resembled Lan in a most eerie fashion, his hard face all angels and sharp lines. Perrin roared.

ToM (ch.28 hb.440) The wolves sent images of a man in black and leather, with a harsh face and a smile curling on his lips as he launched arrows. He smelled wrong, so wrong. He also smelled like dead wolves.

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