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Verin Mathwin{{ºº{
Aes Sedai·Far Madding
      Her Warders are Balinor§º and Tomas§º{
      a.k.a. Eadwina

Verin Mathwin
{ Born in Far Madding
{ Raised to the Brown Ajah
º Bonds Balinor§º
º Bonds Tomas§º
LoC (ch.11) c.929 NE Verin began her project.
Verin's behavior?
Arrives in Salidar
{ Accompanies Perrin
Dumai's Wells
Swears Fealty to Rand
Participates in the Cleansing of saidin

LoC (ch.11) c.929 NE Verin began her project.
TPoD (prologue) c.1000 NE Verin last made a serious mistake seventy-one years ago.








NStN (ch.03 hb.57) (pb.00) First Mention. Ajah given. A stout brown, even shorter than Moiraine, had told the girls that there were no self-taught wilders among the Tuatha'an.

NStN (ch.05 hb.96) (pb.00) Had said, "Most mistakes made by rulers came from not knowing history; they acted in ignorance of the mistakes others had made before them."

NStN (ch.07 hb.120) (pb.00) gives Moiraine an herb concoction to help her sleep at night.

NStN (ch.08 hb.129) (pb.00) Myrelle brings Ellid and Sheriam to help apply healing ointments after Elaida leaves Moiraine and Siuan bruised and beaten. Only Verin's vile-tasting concoction allowed them to sleep.

NStN (ch.10 hb.149) First Appearance. Short and dreamy-eyed, she was quite plump in her russet wool and brown-fringed shawl. Moiraine liked Verin, yet she felt a sudden chill at the sight of her clothing in the Brown sisters hands.
No wonder... Moiraine's list of search names is in her belt pouch.

NStN (ch.11 hb.158) The Blue sought to right wrongs, which was not always the same as seeking justice, like Greens or Grays. "Seekers after Causes," Verin had called the Blues.

NStN (ch.11 hb.160) Leane reminds Rafela how Verin embarrassed her on her walk, telling her she had a sweet voice for singing.


Escort the Amyrlin to Fal Dara. Rand counts sixteen Aes Sedai and fourteen Warders.

TGH (ch.04 hb.00) (pb.53) Last name and Ajah given. In the Amyrlin's quarters in Shienar, the plump brown, sitting cross-legged beneath an arrowslit, held a small blossom up to the light and made sketches in a precise hand in a book balanced on her knee. She had an ink pot on the floor beside her, and a small pile of flowers on her lap.

TGH (ch.07) Moiraine, Suian, Leane amd Verin attempt to Heal Mat. But with the dagger missing, the Healing is incomplete and he may only survive a few months.

TGH (ch.07) She reads the Dark Prophecy for Moiraine and Siuan. From this, she deduces that one of the boys is the Dragon Reborn.

TGH (ch.09) Verin, Moiraine and Siuan tell Rand he is the Dragon Reborn.

TGH (ch.14) Verin catches up with Ingtar and the hunters. She claims Moiraine sent her. She is most perturbed that Rand is missing.

TGH (ch.31) Verin Heals Hurin and Rand.

When you use the Power to Heal someone. An affinity develops. You can sense the presence of someone you have Healed.

TGH (ch.31) Rand, Mat, Perrin, Verin, Loial and Ingtar go to The Great Tree. Hurin reports that the Horn is in Lord Barthanes's manor.

TGH (ch.33) Verin was speaking privately with Lord Barthanes at his party, and gave Hurin "such a look" that he did not attempt to interupt them.

TDR (ch.21) Verin has a pet owl no bigger than her hand.

TDR (ch.21) Verin gives Egwene a stack of papers with all the known information about Liandrin, her associates and the ter'angreal they stole.

TDR (ch.21) Verin gives Egwene the twisted ring ter'angreal

TFoH (ch.53) In her letter to Rand, Moiraine warns him to be as wary of Verin as he is of Alviarin.

LoC (ch.11) c.929 NE Verin begins her project.

LoC (ch.55) Bera, Kiruna, Alanna, Faeldrin, Masuri, Merana, Rafela, Seonid and Verin Mathwin participate in the battle at Dumai's Wells. Afterwards, they are forced to swear Fealty to Rand.

TPoD (prologue) c.1000 NE Verin last made a serious mistake seventy-one years ago.

TPoD (prologue) Verin Mathwin would have married Eadwin if she had not gone to the White Tower.
Now we know why she chose Eadwina as her alias, she still cares for him. Cute.

TPoD (prologue) Verin questions Beldeine using a form of Compulsion. Beldeine is furious that Verin would swear fealty to Rand. She asks if Beldeine knows of support for Rand in the White Tower then gives her some instructions.

WH (ch.13) Using a form of compulsion Verin "questions" Shalon and learns that she and Ailil had become "pillow sisters" in the Sun Palace.

KoD (ch.29) Cleansing of saidin at Shadar Logoth Shalon links w/ Kiruna and Verin.

§ TGS (ch.36 hb.550) Mat meets up with Verin in Trustair, Murandy. This time studying her, her mannerisms seemed too exaggerated. As if she were playing on the preconceptions about Browns. She eyed him. The smile on her lips was the smile of someone who didn't care that you were on to her con.
Another hint about Verin... is she Black Ajah...?

TGS (ch.38 hb.597) Verin was waiting in Egwene's room... sipping on asping rot tea and wondering if she'd have to go break into the dungeons...
By the way, the dress you are wearing is Green... Verin could lie...

TGS (ch.39 hb.hb.598) Her project and True Identity revealed.

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