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Siuan Sanche{{º Amyrlin 988-999 NE
      Her Warder is Alric§º
      a.k.a. Suki
      a.k.a. Mara Tomanes

Siuan Sanche
{ Born c.958 NE in Tear
NStN (ch.02 hb.29) Natural Sparkler
{ Novice
NStN (ch.06) Siuan & Moiraine vow to find the Dragon Reborn
{ NStN (ch.11) Raised to the Shawl in 978 NE
º Bonds Alric
Amyrlin 988-999 NE
TSR (ch.47) Deposed
TSR (ch.47) Stilled
Runs Away from Elaida and the White Tower
Joins the Salidar Rebels
LoC (ch.30) Nynaeve Heals Siuan and Leane
º TGS (ch.40 hb.619) Bonds Gareth Bryne as her Warder

She is handsome, pretty when she smiles. She is a hand taller than Moiraine with fair skin and blue eyes. She has dark hair. She is of medium height, handsome with a strong face and blue eyes.
Since she was stilled she looks young enough to pass for an Accepted or even a Novice. She is pretty, if not quite beautiful, with a delicate mouth and dark glossy hair to her shoulders.


BelaÓ¥Ó Tam and Rand al'Thor's Two Rivers Pony TFoH (ch.01)
NightlilyÓ Siuan's Borrowed Mare

TGH (ch.05) The ability to sense that someone is ta'veren


Gareth Bryneº BladeMaster·Kore Springs, Andor
      Captain-General of the Queen's Guard in Andor
      First Prince of the Sword to Queen Morgase
      Warder to Siuan Sanche


NStN (ch.02 hb.26) First name and nationality given.

NStN (ch.02 hb.29)

NStN (ch.02 hb.32) Last name and class given. The daughter of a Tairen fisherman, Siuan arrived at the Tower barely able to read or do the simplest arithmetic. Now she taught Old Tongue to novices.

NStN (ch.03 hb.39)

NStN (ch.03 hb.46) Siuan could seldom be unsettled, and her temper was held with an iron grip.

NStN (ch.04 hb.63) Last name given.

NStN (ch.05 hb.78)

NStN (ch.06 hb.99)

NStN (ch.07 hb.112)

NStN (ch.07 hb.121)

NStN (ch.09 hb.133)

NStN (ch.10 hb.150)
Siuan has six mice, she got them from one of the grooms and wants to put them in Elaida's bed! The last prank, before they are raised.

NStN (ch.11) Moiraine then Siuan speak the Three Oaths. There was no sweating or gasping from Siuan. She rendered the Oaths in a clear, strong voice, never so much as blinking as each settled onto her. No physical hardship could faze Siuan, who had never wept until after Elaida was gone, had never shed a tear until after they left Merean's study. Siuan had the heart of a lion.

NStN (ch.11) Raised to the Blue Ajah. Together they choose the Blue Ajah. Leane Sharif bent to lay the shawl on Moiraine's shoulders, Rafela Cindal performs the same office for Siuan.

TGH (ch.02 hb.00) (pb.20) Title given. The Watcher of the Seals. The Flame of Tar Valon. The Amyrlin Seat.
Rand feels as though he has been touched when the Amyrlin's gaze passes over him.

TGH (ch.04 hb.50) (pb.55) Full name and nationality given. Siuan is from the Maule, the port district in Tear.

Suki§§ Moiraine's Personal Maid·Tear

NStN (ch.24 hb.304) "All right, I admit I'm invisible in this." Siuan muttered, her dark gray dress was fine wool, entirely plain except for collar and cuffs banded in Damodred colors.

NStN (ch.24 hb.305) "Suki" has a fling with Cal a young Footman in the Aesdaishar Palace.

TGH (ch.07) Moiraine, Suian, Leane amd Verin attempt to Heal Mat. But with the dagger missing, the Healing is incomplete and he may only survive a few months.
TSR (ch.01) Lying on the floor, naked. Aside from her being in only her skin, there was something odd about the image. She has no idea what it means.
TSR (ch.47) Siuan Sanche{{{ Deposed by Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan{{{ who declares herself the Amyrlin

LoC (ch.30) Nynaeve Heals Siuan and Leane, but they are much weaker than they used to be.

Mara Tomanes{{ºº Aes Sedai·Illian
      Her Warders are Hammar{º Warder·BladeMaster·Tar Valon
and Coulin{º Master at Arms·Tower Guard·Tar Valon

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