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John Langdon

DVD Cover

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Logo

Movie Title


Trilogy Name No.2


New Line Cinema Presents

Trilogy Name No.3

Maps ch.1 m.1:46

Title ch.5 m.7:22

Subtitles and Elfin Translation ch.2 m.7:28

Party Business ch.5 m.11:28

Photo credit: allisonbensonau.com

Bilbo's Map ch.5 m.13:10

Bilbo's Birthday ch.5 m.15:46

RM Celtic by Ray Meadows
Celtics Modern™ by Flat-it

Isildur's ch.7 m.28.45

The One Ring

Movie Title

DVD Menu

Movie Title

DVD Menu

The Return of the King ch.3 m.9:39

Elvish Subtitles ch.22 m.1:19:11

Map of The Shire ch.58 m.2:58:39

A Hobbit's Tale ch.58 m.3:01:57

The Lord of the Rings

Major Credits

Additional Credits

DVD Cover

The Hobbit Trilogy Logo

Movie Title


The Hobbit Movie Credits

The Hobbit Movie Title ch.1 m.0:55

It Began Long Ago ch.1 m.01:57

Map of the Shire ch.1 m.02:11

An Unexpected Journey ch.2 m.12:52

60 years earlier ch.3 m.13:08

The Lonely Mountain ch.6 m.26:54

Dwarf Runes ch.6 m.29:43

Burglar ch.8 m.39:55

Dwarf Moon Runes ch.17 m.1:31:02

Dwarf Subtitles ch.17 m.1:31:02

Directed by Peter Jackson

Movie Title

Movie Title

Location Subtitles

Additional Credits

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