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The best character reference I have found was Thain's Book. A wonderful encyclopedia of Middle-earth and Numenor. After my experience with Robert Jordan's never ending Wheel of Time, I have no intention of delving that deep again.

Aragorn{ Descendant of Isildur·Heir to the Thrones of Arnor and Gondor
      a.k.a. Strider{ Ranger
Arod Legolas's White Horse·Rohan
Arwen Undómiel Evenstar Daughter of Elrond·Elf· Rivendell & Lothlórien
Asfaloth Glorfindel's White Horse
      Ridden by Arwen in movie

Balin{ Dwarf
Bifur{ Dwarf
Bilbo Baggins Finder of the One Ring·Burglar·Hobbit·The Shire
Bill Samwise·Pony·Bree
Bofur{ Dwarf
Bombur{ Dwarf
Boromir{ Son of the Ruling Steward Denethor of the Realm of Gondor

Celeborn Elf·Prince of Doriath·Lothlórien
      Husband of Galadriel·Father of Celebrian
Celebrian Elf·Lothlórien
      Wife of Elrond·Mother of Arwen, Elladan & Elrohir

Deagol Finder of the One Ring·Hobbit·Vales of the Anduin·The Gladden Fields
Denethor{ Steward of Gondor·Lord of Minas Tirith
Dori{ Dwarf

Elendil{ High King of Gondor and Arnor
Elladan Elf·Lothlórien
Elrohir Elf·Lothlórien
Elrond Half-Elven Lord of Rivendell·Maiar & Elven
Éomer{ Nephew of Théoden King·Brother of Éowyn·Leader of the Rohirrim·Rohan
Éowyn{ Niece of Théoden King·Sister of Éomer·Shieldmaiden·Rohan
      a.k.a. Dernhelm§ Rode Windfola with Merry in Elfhelm's Eored

Faramir{ Younger brother of Boromir·Steward of Gondor·Prince of Ithilien
Fili{ Nephew of Thorin·Dwarf
Firefoot Éomer's Horse·Rohan
Frodo Baggins Bearer of the One Ring·Hobbit·The Shire

Galadriel Lady of the Wood·Elf·Lothlórien
Gamling{ Théoden King's Man·Helm's Deep·Rohan
Gandalf Maiar
Gimli{ Son of Glóin·Dwarf
Glóin{ Father of Gimli·Dwarf
Glorfindel Elf·Rivendell
      In the movies Arwen played his part and rode his horse.
Gríma Wormtongue§
Gollum Hobbit
Gwaihir Eagle

Haldir Elf·Lothlórien
Hasufel Aragorn's Bay Horse·Rohan
Isildur{ Son of Elendil, the High King of Gondor and Arnor·Numenor·Minas Ithil

Kili{ Nephew of Thorin·Dwarf

Landroval Eagle
Legolas Greenleaf Son of King Thranduil·Elf·Mirkwood

Meriadoc Brandybuck Frodo's cousin·Hobbit·The Shire
      a.k.a Merry

The Nazgûl
      a.k.a. Ringwraiths
Nori{ Dwarf

Oin{ Dwarf
Ori{ Dwarf

Peregrin Took Frodo's cousin·Hobbit·The Shire
      a.k.a. Pippin

Roheryn Arwen's gift to Aragorn·Horse

Samwise Gamgee Gardener·Hobbit·The Shire
      a.k.a. Sam Frodo's Loyal Companion
Saruman the White Maiar·Chief of the Order of Wizards·Isengard
Shadowfax Gandalf·Mearas
Shelob Giant Spider·Cirith Ungol
Smaug Dragon·The Lonely Mountain
Sméagol Keeper of the One Ring·Hobbit·Vales of the Anduin·The Gladden Fields
Snowmane Théoden's Magnificent White Horse·Rohan

Thranduil Elf·King of Mirkwood
Théoden{ King of Rohan
Theodred{ Son of Théoden·Heir to the Throne of Rohan
Thorin Oakenshield{ Son of Thrain II·Dwarf
Treebeard{ oldest of the Ents

Windfola Éowyn's Grey Horse·Rohan

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